VIDEO: How to Use and Create Photoshop Look Up Tables #109

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 2, 2017

Category: Retouching | Videos

Hi Folks

Got a new Photoshop Tutorial here for you and this one is kind of an update to one I posted a short while back.

In the video I show how you can use Photoshop Look Up Tables to colourise your images and so add mood and atmosphere, but this time I show a much more streamlined way of working.

Oh and if you like the video I’d really appreciate a thumbs up and even a share with others…if you’re up for it of course 🙂


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  1. Kevin Tewksbury


    This is great, but how do you save LUTs in PS CS6? There isn’t an option in export to do this. Do I just have to create an action instead?



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