NEW Strobe and Trigger from Westcott

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 27, 2019

Category: Kit | Photography

At the beginning of this year I was out in Maumee, Ohio, USA at the FJ Westcott HQ filming video content for the Westcott University Training Educational Site

Although under NDA (Non Disclosure) at the time, for the photo shoots I was using 2 pieces of new Westcott kit that was due to launch later in the year. Well, I’m genuinely excited to see that true to their word, today Westcott have now made this new kit publicly available worldwide.

So what is this new kit? It’s the new FJ400 Strobe and FJ-X2m Trigger…x

This for me couldn’t have come at a better time; a powerful strobe that also gives me the flexibility and portability of a Speedlight and not only that, when it comes to teaching, pretty much no matter what brand of camera the person I’m with is using, they too can use the trigger and lights.

Here’s some of the portraits I created when filming at Westcott and using the FJ400 and trigger…

Here too is a Q&A video released by Westcott on the day of launch…

Very soon I’ll have my own units so will make sure to show them and give you a look at them in use during a photo shoot, how to use on other brands of camera, using them both indoors and outdoors etc…

Also, for UK folks just to let you know that you can order these and all other Westcott Kit from Carmarthen Cameras LINK

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