Westcott Launch NEW Speedlight and more…

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 15, 2020

Category: Photography

Today FJ Westcott launch not one, but 2 new lights to their FJ range: the FJ80 Speedlight and the FJ200; an even more portable version of their FJ400 that launched last November.


Westcott FJ80 Speelight


Very much looking forward to adding this to the kit bag!

The FJ80 is a round head speed light which has improved the speedlight from any other round speedlights that currently exist by adding an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that pairs perfectly with our FJ400.

The FJ80 also has same multi-camera universal compatibility as does the Fj400 (and new FJ200 below) and so really ups the bar for speedlights.

FJ Westcott FJ200

To quote the folks at Westcott…

The FJ200 is a more portable sibling to the FJ400, but with the same amazing features.  

The FJ200 beats every other 200ws light out there in terms of recycle time, and has a round head for improved efficiency in a softbox.

The FJ200 also has a simple 3 button interface that pairs perfectly with the other FJ strobes, for a nice system.  

I’ll soon have my hands on this new kit so will be sure to post more about them including video using them ‘out and about’ plus pricing etc..


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