Westcott Vintage Grey Canvas Background by Glyn Dewis

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 3, 2019

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Well I’m back from time spent in Ohio, USA filming content with the great folks over at Westcott.

So much to tell you about with regards to what we filmed and all the educational content heading to the WestcottU website, but for this post I wanted to let you know something I am so excited about…

Westcott Glyn DewisIf you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I love photographing with a canvas background and the Bespoke Canvas’ I had made were from Gravity Backdrops. Now although I absolutely love them there is the issue of transporting them around as they can be quite heavy and cumbersome plus extra stands and supports are needed to put them up. This would be fine if they were only used in a studio but when a lot of the portraits I shoot are done on location and sometimes not in the biggest of spaces, portability is definitely a necessity.

The Solution

Now I didn’t know this but when filming at Westcott, Brandon Heiss (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer) casually mentioned that Westcott print their own backgrounds ‘in house’ for use with their X-Drop Background System. Straight away I mentioned about the canvas’ I use and how I wished they were as portable as the X-Drop … and then the penny dropped! I showed Brandon the file I had created and that my canvas’ were created from, gave it to him on a memory stick and less than one hour later I had the exact same canvas background I’d designed printed on a non-reflective material that along with the background support is crazy light and portable.

Westcott Glyn Dewis

The background we named the Vintage Grey Canvas by Glyn Dewis and is identical to the look of my real canvas’ so to have this in a way more portable solution is a total game changer let alone portability winner!

Of course now I had the background I just had to use it in some of the content I photographed during the 2 days filming…

The Vintage Grey Canvas by Glyn Dewis is AVAILABLE NOW in the Westcott store and there are more designs on the way that again mimic the look of backgrounds you will have seen me using.

Obviously it’s your choice which material you choose to have the design printed on but as a preference I use the Art Canvas which is a lot lighter and has no reflective properties and because of this I feel mimics the look of my original canvas pretty much 100%

If you do get the Vintage Grey Canvas by Glyn Dewis, please do let me know how you get on and if you share pictures online be sure to tag me because I’d love to see where and how it’s being used.


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  1. Christopher Thorpe

    Nice. Living in the States just bought it. Although was expecting you to call it Dad’s Army Grey 🙂

    • Glyn

      LOL 🙂

  2. Su Hall

    Far out! How cool you got your wish!
    It looks real nice! Kudos!

    • Glyn

      Makes me happy 🙂

  3. Sasha Lightfoot-Balla

    Exciting! Look forward to them arriving in the UK!

    • Glyn


  4. Colin Cartwright

    Looking forward to seeing all the educational stuff you’re doing with Westcott, Glyn. Heading over to buy the X-Drop system and your vintage backdrop right now – Hope you’re getting something from every purchase!

    • Glyn

      That’s fantastic to hear Colin…thanks!
      Would love to see any results you get using it mate.


  5. Kevin goodchild

    Hi Glynn,

    Can I get that backdrop in the UK?


    • Pablo

      Hi Kevin,
      Have you had any success in finding one in Europe? The shipping from the US plus taxes makes them un-affordable for me.

      If not, Glyn, do you have a suggestion?

      My best regards from Paris,

  6. Vinny

    Hi, I am doing a research project about photographers in my digital design class and there are a few of the questions I can’t find on the internet for you. Would you mind answering some for me?


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