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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 8, 2015

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Regular readers of this blog or indeed those of you who join me on social media will know that I’m a BIG fan and believer of getting images printed rather than have them live on hard drives. Nothing beats the experience and feeling of seeing and handling a physical print and seeing how a client reacts when they finally get their hands on a print is priceless!

Every time I shoot for a personal project (something else I’m a big believer in) I will always get a print sent to whoever it was I photographed as an extra thank you, and for them this means so much more than being sent a digital file to their inbox.

Anyway for today, as I quite often get asked where I get prints done and in what format, I thought I’d just quickly show you…

Ok so from the title of the post you can see I use Loxley Colour based in Scotland. Not because I get any kind of special deal or anything like that, but because of everything they offer and by that I mean customer service, knowledge of their industry, knowledge of their products, expertise and yes of course the quality of their final product…it’s that simple.

Check out Loxley Colour over on their website by CLICKING HERE


As for sending off for prints I use their ROES system and despite the many finishes they offer (Lustre, Alumni, Metallic and many, many more) when ordering a print to send on I generally will go with Lustre, around 24″ on the longest edge and on a 2mm card mount. The reason for the card mount is so that the model/client can see the print clearly without having to unroll a print. They can also hold it up, walk around with it and show others much more easily…as they always will when they have a physical print in their hands; like I said…it’s a totally different experience holding a print of their picture as opposed to viewing it on a screen.


When it comes to prints for myself that I’ll try various finishes depending on what works best for that particular image; and if I’m unsure I’ll call and speak to folks at Loxley to see what their expert opinion with printing would be.

Anyway thought I’d share this info with you as I do get asked from time to time and also to recommend you check out Loxley Colour…whom I hasten to add are NOT crossing my palm with silver to mention them 🙂

Have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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