What’s on my desk??? (From yesterday’s Periscope Broadcast)

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 14, 2016

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Hi Folks

Well last night I took the plunge and did a Periscope Video / Broadcast from my new office space in our new house now that we’ve finally moved in.

Having not been on Periscope for quite some time now for a host of reasons (main one being shockingly slow internet where we used to live) I thought I’d dive in and go through a few of the items on my desk that I got questions about when I posted a picture on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…

periscopeIf you’re a Periscope user then you can check out the rerun of last nights video just by following me (Glyn Dewis) but below are some of the main items:

Monitor: BenQ SW2700PT Pro 27-Inch IPS LCD Monitor (£499)


Graphics Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro Small £169.99


Mobile Phone Holder: Arkon SM679 Slim-Grip (£17.95)


Microphone: Rode NT USB Microphone (£119)


Webcam: Logitech C930 E Webcam (£89.30)


RAID System: CRU


I mentioned in the video that I’ll be recording a chat with my Buddy Chris Fields of CHNO Technology who originally set me up with this backing up system from CRU having chatted through what I do, my workflow and so on so that I ended up with the best system to suit my needs; which I hasten to add he totally nailed! I’ll let you know once we’ve recorded the session because I’d like to get Chris speaking about how he works with photographers and ensures they get the system that suits their needs, why RAID and so on…

Right that’s all from me for now so I’ll catch you back here next time.


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  1. Jonathan Thompson

    Loving your workspace mate. Its so good being organised, although I never quite get it completed and where I want it. What are you using to drive all of this.. an iMac we didn’t see, Mac Mini? Mac Pro?


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