WHITE RHINO: New Picture PLUS Behind the Scenes

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 28, 2014

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To kick the week off I thought I’d give you a look at a new picture AND go through a little bit of what went into putting it together…

This picture is another in my Personal Project I’m working on to create images of Animals photographed in Wildlife Parks, Zoos etc and using Photoshop put them back out into the Wild where they should be.

Check out a larger version over on my 500px portfolio here [Link]

As I mentioned in an earlier post the this will be form part of a body of work of approximately 20 pictures of animals BIG or small by the end of 2014 and the great thing here is that it’s something I can work on with my wife. Spending time around animals is something we both love to do so when out taking photographs we go together and the plan at the end of the project is to create a coffee table book of the images.

Ok so here’s the pictures that I photographed for this picture; the White Rhino being at Whipsnade Safari Park, UK and the fields and sky being a few minutes from my front door.

Just a couple of things to point out here that I think are important:

The Rhino were photographed using a 70-200mm lens on my Canon 5D MKIII so that is the lens I then used when photographing the field and the sky with the same focal length and same aperture; this I feel helps everything to fit together much more realistically.

Also when photographing the Rhino it was one of those days where the sun was out then it wasn’t, sun was out then it wasn’t…if you know what I mean, so the time to photograph the Rhino was when the sun was hidden for a short period of time behind the clouds. This was there were no hard or deep shadows or overly bright areas on the Rhino’s body so then when it comes to photographing areas like the field I jet waited for another overcast day or when the sun was hidden behind clouds. Again this all helps with everything fitting together and I can then add in any shadows if I want at a later point as opposed to having Mother Nature dictate to me how my picture will look.

Here’s a video I recorded a while back now that coves how I photograph all the elements for a composite:

As I wanted the White Rhino to look as though he/she was walking across the dry grasslands in Africa that meant having other elements true to that area in the picture too. So, this meant turning to some stock images and below you can see the ones I found and used:

  • Oxpecker (Bird)
  • Acacia Tree
  • Vultures (Bird)

Once all the elements had been gathered it was then time to head over into Photoshop to bring it altogether…

Here’s an episode of my weekly podcast / show that I recorded showing how to finesse the horizontal line to add more realism in your composite images:

•    •    •

So there you go, a look Behind the Scenes at how I Photographed and then made the final picture in Photoshop.

With regards to the work done in Photoshop combining everything together, adding the shadows, the lighting, colouring, selections and cut outs, adding in new sky and horizon etc I’m going to be recording a full length tutorial going through it all and this will include the original RAW files and assets to that you too can go through each step as opposed to just watching.

There’s a lot of techniques that would be covered here and different techniques to what I’ve shown in previous tutorials so keep an eye out for that; I aim to have it in the web store and available in the next week.

Right that’s all from me for now so whatever you’re up to have a good one and I’ll catch you back here next time.


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