Why I finally made friends with my iPad Mini

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 16, 2013

Category: Review

Hey Folks,

How’s it going?

Today I wanted to mention briefly about iPads and to be more precise, the iPad Mini.

Now anyone who knows me would agree that I’m a bit of an Apple fan…ok maybe more than a bit. My iPad (3rd Generation) was like another limb; I took it everywhere and used it all the time. So much so, my MacBook Pro was only ever being used in the studio when shooting tethered.

Now you may well have noticed that I’m referring to my iPad (3rd Generation) in the past tense and you wouldn’t be wrong. You see a few weeks back when I flew back from a trip to Germany I stupidly left my iPad in the back of the seat in front of me on the aircraft. Entirely my fault as I had been watching a movie and when instructed to turn the iPad off and put it away as we were soon to land, I placed it in the magazine holder on the back of the seat in front and when it came to disembarking, in my haste I completely forgot about it until it was too late.

Of course phone calls were made but alas my iPad had gone walkies (with the aid of some thieving little s***!!!) and to make matters worse I couldn’t track the iPad using the Find my iPad/iPhone App because the iPad had been put in Airplane Mode meaning no connection to the internet.

Anyway, rather than get annoyed I put it down to experience and ended up buying an iPad Mini the following day. I’d actually been thinking of selling my iPad (3rd Generation) and changing to a mini before the loss so this kind of forced the change however once I’d purchased it and started using it…I wasn’t all that keen.

It just seemed to flimsy and what’s more, I thought my eyes were playing up as the text seemed slightly blurry…well, until I remembered my old iPad had the Retina display and this Mini hadn’t. I tell you, it’s amazing how you get used to things.

So long story short, despite having all my Apps, documents etc all synced onto the iPad Mini I just wasn’t liking it. It seemed too small and no where near as robust. In fact I even started taking my MacBook Pro out with me to write on whereas before I’d have used my iPad. The new mini was beginning to gather dust; until that was I purchased an iPad mini keyboard case.

Now understand, I don’t tell you this to sell you anything but rather as a Public Service Announcement 🙂

The hard case made by Logitech has completely changed my feelings towards the iPad mini. It’s now been dusted off and is being used every day because of how good I feel the keyboard is. It looks great, only adds a small amount of size and weight to the mini and works a treat!

Sure it took some getting used to but now that I can type and have a full screen it’s made a BIG difference. Of course there’s still no Retina Display but as soon as the new one is released I’ll likely upgrade; not because it’s just a new model but because hopefully it will have the Retina Display and that can only be a good thing long term for the eye sight. Travelling with the iPad Mini is no hassle; it’s light, fits easily into my bag or even coat pocket AND fits great on the little trays on aircraft; a great travel companion indeed.

So if you’ve got an iPad Mini I’d highly recommend checking out the Logitech iPad Mini Ultra Thin Keyboard [Link]

•Currently priced around the £59.99 mark on Amazon

Needless to say my new iPad mini is never far from my side and I certainly shan’t make the mistake of leaving it on an Aircraft again that’s for sure…well, that’s the plan anyway.

Have a great day folks and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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  1. A.J. Wood

    I was all about the iPad until I received a 7 inch Amazon Kindle Fire as a gift. I realized immediately how much easier it was to read on this smaller device. Being it’s a Kindle, I really don’t use it for anything else. Then came the iPad Mini. It’s lighter than the Kindle, and it can hold all my iPad content. No Retina display though. I grabbed one for the Mrs last year, and I have to say once Retina display is released I’ll step down to the smaller iPad.

  2. Roberto Palmari

    I own an iPad mini and yes I agree, one of the killer /optionals would be to have an external keyboard.
    I connected a wireless keyboard a couple of times but when I saw the Logitech case I really almost jumped, that’s the kind of add-ons that change your life.
    Together with shooting wireless to the iPad with the wifi sd cards this is really a game changer.


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