Why I hope the next Canon 5D is like a Beginner’s Camera

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 5, 2015

Category: Photography

I daren’t think about all the photographs that I could have taken had I had my camera with me at the time; and I’m not talking mobile phone type camera but a DLSR or such like.

Mind you I’ve never found lugging around a Pro Body DSLR on days out or on holiday much fun so more often than not if I did take it along I never took any photographs, or just left it in the car, hotel room etc. However all that changed when I decided (thanks to the camera advice from my Buddy Brian Worley) to get the Canon 760D which is small, light and incredibly portable. I’ve mentioned about it before when talking about my Anytime Anywhere kit but I must say, despite being marketed as a Beginner Level camera I’m seriously impressed with it. I’m super happy with the picture quality but it’s some of the features on the camera that make it so impressive; features I have my fingers well and truly crossed appear when the Canon 5D MKIII is finally updated…namely the Tilt/Flip Screen and WiFi.

Dynamic Range is talked about so much these days and yeah although I’d love a camera to have a great dynamic range, it’s not top of my list; well it’s certainly behind improving the Noise at High ISO anyway.

But the Tilt/Flip Screen and WiFi I’m finding I use a lot…especially the Tilt/Flip Screen. This was something I really liked when for a short while I owned a Fuji mirrorless camera and have missed ever since because of the angles it allows you to shoot at and the comfort in doing so.

The picture below of our friend, Farmer Tom’s gorgeous dog Ruby, I took last Saturday after we’d all been out for a walk. Converging back at Tom’s en masse for lunch Ruby nestled down in her den for a much needed rest but all I could see was a photo opportunity. However the each time I cautiously got into a position to take a photograph, the ever affectionate Ruby would crawl out for some fuss.

Solution? Hold the camera down by my side with the lens pointing in Ruby’s direction and the tilt/flip screen horizontal pointing upwards but me with my back to her as I sat at the kitchen table. Looking down to the flip screen didn’t so much as rouse an inkling of suspicion from Ruby and voilà…picture taken 🙂


In the lighting diagram and attached picture below you can see Ruby in her Den and why it was so good for a picture with only the one entry/exit creating soft directional light onto her face…


As for the WiFi, well apart from transferring pictures across to mobile devices such as my iPhone and tethering, there’s Remote Shooting, which is exactly what I used to take the group picture of us all out on the walk…


So what about you? Do you use a Tilt/Flip screen? What about WiFi? or then again what would you want to see on your next update?

Catch you next time,

•You can check out a LARGE version of my recent picture of RUBY over on my 500px portfolio page by CLICKING HERE

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  1. Nick Webb

    Yes, those two and GPS too. I spend a lot of time just touring round, and often cannot remember where photos were taken. I have an external GPS unit on my current camera – I will want it built-in for my next upgrade.

    • Nick Webb

      Or maybe they could get the camera to query my phone for the GPS coordinates using WiFi. Now there’s an idea.

  2. Gerry

    Glyn, my first digital camera was a Canon Powershot A620 way back in 2005. It had a tilt flip screen and I used it constantly when i was on a tripod, fireworks, architecture, macro etc
    I absolutely loved it and since going from a 450D and now a 7D I still miss that tilty twisty screen ! It should be mandatory on all DSLR’s Cheers and thanks for the great tutorials, I make good use of them all !


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