Why you should keep EVERY image file

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 19, 2015

Category: General

I’ve mentioned a bit lately about Copyright and registering your images but one thing I didn’t mention is that I upload EVERY file from a photo shoot; not just the keepers but EVERY file!

Reason for this and for keeping everything (apart from the low cost of storage these days) is that so often during some quiet time I’ll browse through folders of images in Lightroom that I’ve not seen for a while, and with fresh eyes it’s amazing how you see things differently; something you may not considered working on before can suddenly have potential.

Here’s such a picture from a photo shoot back in 2012 with Steve Lewington that I reworked in Lightroom yesterday evening that I’m kind of liking now with the minimal lighting and the Black & White conversion…


I’m going to be working again with Steve in the near future as he’ll be taking part in the 70’s Physique project I’m working on, so I’ll be sure to share the results and some Behind the Scenes footage from the shoot.

In the meant time though, why not take a look back at some of your previous photo shoots; you may well have some new images for your portfolio in there waiting to be found.

Catch you tomorrow,

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