Windsor Photo Walk 2010: We have a winner!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 4, 2010

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A responsibility of being a Leader for one of Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk is the unenviable task of choosing a ‘winning image’ out of those submitted by those who came along and joined in.

My good friend Scot Baston summed the day up perfectly when he said ‘It’s not about the photography, it’s about the people’ however there’s no escaping the task; there has to be a winner, so after much head scratching and hair pulling (ok maybe not so much of the hair pulling) Anne and I have finally decided on the following photograph submitted by Stephen Porter as the ‘winning image’:

Congratulations and good luck to Steve who’s image will now be submitted to the World Wide Photo Walk Competition where the overall winner stands to win $1000 Adorama Gift Certificate and a One Year’s Subscription to Kelby Training Online.

I thought it would be great to ‘hear’ how Steve came up with this image so I asked him to put a few lines together explaining how he took and edited the shot, so Steve it’s over to you…

“Where: Not knowing Windsor too well I will describe where I took the shot and let you explain it.  When you go over the bridge from Windsor to Eton there is a road that goes off to left, when you turn left there is a brick wall ahead of you.  I took this frame there.  It wasn’t where I initially started photographing him, I first photographed him in an alleyway on the right just after you go over the bridge, I was looking for somewhere out of the harsh sunlight.  I wasn’t happy with what I’d shot so I saw the brick wall over the road in the shade and took him over.  I got him to sit on the floor and lean against the wall.  I stood above him and got him to look up straight at the camera.

Camera details: Canon EOS 20D, 20mm f2.8, @ f3.2, 500th/sec, natural light, ISO 200.

Post processing: Adobe camera raw, I boosted the shadows a lot to darken the image down and upped the highlights in his face slightly and flattened the contrast a little.  Once in photoshop I cropped the image square to make the centre of the face pop out of the image.  I then burnt in the corners and the edges to black to just leave the roundness of his face.  I initially wanted to desaturate the image a little and keep a little colour but it looked much better B+W so I just desaturated all the way.  I then sharpened a little using the high pass technique.  I dodged the whites of his eyes a little to make them pop a bit more.  Finally I used your beauty skin softening technique, using a gaussion blur mask and at 25% opacity and brought the eyes and mouth back with a brush.

I have to admit I am still experimenting with different post processing techniques and the majority of what I have done to this image I have learnt from your blog, thanks a million!

You can check out more of Steve’s work in his Flickr Portfolio and by following him on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again to everyone who came along and joined in making the day a total success; great weather, great turnout, great bunch of people, plenty of laughs and new friendships made along the way.

Here’s to next year, wherever we may be,
Glyn 🙂

>You can see more of the photos taken during the Windsor Photo Walk by clicking on this link.

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  1. Keith Hammond

    congratulations Steve, very nice image, i can see Glyn’s influence there, you have learnt well 🙂

  2. David Kelly

    Many congratulations Stephen – a cracking image with lots of mood & drama. The intensity of the whites of his eyes really grabs the focus of the viewers so well.

    Good luck in the final leg of the competition.

  3. Tim Skipper

    Excellent picture. Being someone who is addicted to using strobes everywhere I go location or studio. I really appreciate the fact that Steve made this look like a studio portrait with just natural light.

  4. Chris Pirson

    Excellent winning shot. Looks like it was a good walk this year, it’s a shame I missed it!

  5. Steve Porter

    Thanks to Glyn and Anne for choosing my image i am really proud considering the talent I was surrounded by on the day. Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments i really appreciate it and this have given my photography a great boost 🙂

  6. kelley

    Steve, gorgeous image.


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