WOW: Adobe Photoshop Touch ROCKS!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 20, 2012

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Ok so last week I was indeed one of the folks who upgraded to the latest iPad; not iPad 3 I hasten to add…just iPad 🙂

So was it worth it? Well seeing as I resisted upgrading from my iPad 1 to the iPad 2 when that came out, heck yeah…the difference between the 1 and the new iPad is like night and day; but then you’d expect that right? However my wife aka Mrs D has the iPad 2 and just comparing the screens for me would have been enough to justify it.

Anyway there’s so much I could say about why I like it but I’ll be strong and resist, however I do have to mention about one thing…

A short while back I mentioned briefly about Adobe’s Photoshop Touch App for the iPad but as you can see that was before I’d had a chance to play with it for some considerable time. Sure I’d seen a sneak peak and was impressed but now I’ve got it for real I have to say I’m completely blown away. It is far beyond anything I would have expected as it includes so much of the functionality from the full version of Photoshop that I use day to day on my Mac; it’s seriously good and runs darned fast too!

Rather than post a review I thought I’d share a few videos so you can see it in action. The first is with Adobe’s very own John Nack then Brian Yap, Creative Director at Boxing Clever:

And finally here’s two exclusive episodes of Photoshop User TV where Photoshop Guys Pete Collins and RC Concepcion give us an introduction to the App and then in the second video dive deeper to give an idea of what’s possible:

Like I said I’ve been totally blown away by how much is in Photoshop Touch and how darned good it is, and considering this is the first version of the App the really exciting thing is thinking about what’s going to be possible in the future.

Negative would be the wrong word to use but I can’t think of any other at the moment, so my only negative isn’t with the App but is with the current range of iPad friendly stylus/pens. To use Photoshop Touch you don’t need to have one but if you’re looking to be even more precise you can’t beat using a stylus of some kind but at the moment the current ones on the market, to me, still seem a bit cumbersome. So if there was anyone (hint, hint) producing a stylus with a cushion tip that was narrower than what’s currently available that would be a really good thing 🙂

Anyway we’re in exciting times with all the enhancements coming our way: Photoshop Touch and Photoshop CS6 right around the corner; whatever the future holds I for one don’t want to miss a second.
Enjoy 🙂

*Photoshop Touch for the iPad is available on the App Store for £6.99 [Link]

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  1. DaveT

    Thanks for the heads up on this Glyn.

    Like you, I have just acquired the New Ipad (first one) and have been blown away by the screen resolution. I am now busy loading some of my images to use as a portfolio.


  2. Jon Watkiss

    Running an android tablet (sorry for swearing on your site Glyn;-) I thought I might be missing out on something like this, low and behold though £6.99 in the play store and I can get the power of PS on my tablet. One very happy tog 😛


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