WOW! Adobe’s CS6 & Creative Cloud Launch in London

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 24, 2012

Category: General

Hi Folks,
Well the only word that comes to mind after yesterday’s launch of the Adobe CS6 Creative Suite and Creative Cloud in London is WOW!

Adobe certainly know how to put on a party when it comes to celebrating what is undoubtedly the biggest and most impressive update for quite some time.

Held at the stunning One Marylebone, Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch took centre stage and along with Senior Worldwide Design Evangelist Rufus Deuchler and Special Guests including Fashion Designer Wayne Hemmingway, the CS6 Creative Suite and Creative Cloud was officially launched.

Of course it’s the Photoshop side of things that I’m most interested in but seeing just some of what is possible with other products it makes for a very exciting future for everyone. With the Creative Cloud giving people access to every single piece of software in the suite plus those for touch devices and more, these high end products are now going to be accessible to a heck of alot more people which in the long term means seeing alot more creativity…and that can only be a good thing 🙂

It was great also to meet up with Digital Artist Steve Caplin who’s series of books How to Cheat in Photoshop was one of my very first and of course catching up and hanging out with Digital Artist Olaf Giermann from Germany, was always going to be fun.

All in all a wonderful day which was a real honour to be present at.

So what about you? With all this talk of CS6 and the Creative Cloud what are your thoughts? Have you been using the Photoshop CS6 Beta?

What about the Creative Cloud? Personally I think Adobe have hit the ball out of the park here especially with the pricing but what about you…what do you think? If you’ve not upgraded for a while would this be an option you’d consider?

Right that’s all from me so I’ll make a move but in the mean time I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to make use of the comments section below,
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Richard

    I think Creative Cloud looks great and will probably take them up on the upgrade offer, but… With regards pricing, I’ll be interested to see how they justify the massive price disparity between US and UK subscription prices. Was almost justifiable for packaged goods but for a purely digital product, not so sure..

  2. David Clark

    What a ripoff for the UK again. Photoshop USA=$699 UK=$880 PLUS VAT = $1060.

    30% more. Now it is said its for “local support” – well, for $300 I’ll put up with color instead of colour….

  3. xomi

    really looking forward to creative-cloud! that many products to be tested and always available….thats my thingy!

    on the other hand regarding pricing policy…same over here in germany, much higher pricing then US versions…makes me feel like people 2nd class :/ why`s that adobe?


  4. david rogers

    xomi, you shouldn’t feel like second class. First class people always get charged more.

    While I understand your frustration with the pricing disparity, that doesn’t take away from the fact that its an incredible opportunity to move into applications you wouldn’t normally, or ever, consider.
    There is no reason to expect any company to offer products or services at an equal rate worldwide. It has much more to do with market share. The U.K. is still a very small market when compared with the U.S. no matter how passionate you may be.

    So it is in reverse too. You wouldn’t believe the price of Marmite over here!
    Trust me, I hear the same gripes about pricing over here from photographers that are “professional”. My response: Its a tool for your business that lasts at least 18months. If your business cannot support it then you’re doing something else wrong.
    For those that are not running a professional business, thats not Adobes fault or responsibility.

    I have been using the PS6 beta and quite frankly it rivals the updates of CS4. That update for me was all about production speed. It the little things that take your time when you use a product for hours at a time. Shaving 3 or 4 clicks down to 1 is huge.
    CS6 has done the same plus added some really superb new features. Did they include everything? no. It still bugs me when all I want to do is rename a layer and I miss the name when I double click so have to close the Layer Styles dialog and try again. But at least now I can close multiple layer effects triangles at once.

    While some of you may be single application users (photoshop) you should be aware of some tremendous improvements for InDesign and Illustrator too. As creative people its not always necessary to be fluent in all programs but a general understanding of what they do can really help your communication with designers and art directors. Half the time knowing what is capable is key, even if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Now with the Cloud you have a great opportunity to expand your skill set for a reasonable price. Reasonable compared to what it would have cost you to get started.

    John Nack illustrates this quite clearly on his blog.

    Don’t let the price disparity be your biggest barrier. Software as a service (SaaS) has been coming for a long time and Adobe have bet their ass that providing ALL products at a MUCH lower entry point is the way to go.

    Now Im off to Starbucks to get a cheaper cup of coffee AND free refills. 😉

  5. Richard

    That’s a great response David. Don’t get me wrong, I think Creative Cloud itself really is, like Adobe claim, a game changer.

    Like you say, if this were Photoshop alone £50 a month for a tool that is used (and is pretty much indispensable) for a photography business, is very good value. Add in all the other stuff – can’t wait to see what they add to IL and DW – it’s exceptional value. I’ve been trying to justify the outlay of £1500+ for the full Suite for a couple of years but have always found other things more pressing – this means I can get on board much easier, with a constant, regular outgoing. Awesome!

    I work for a major games company who are also trying to redefine their business as an online service so I know that what Adobe are doing is the future. It’s really great to see them doing it in such a coherent way.

    Enjoy your coffee!

  6. xomi

    hi there david,

    many thx for your time (before heading to your coffeebreak 😉 )!

    I know all this stuff on marketshare, have been working in the UK and US as well, leading some market-research-company. Pricing would never turn me off using Adobe products, they`re just awesome and now the cloud will make things much easier for all of us. As you say..biggest feature is to have a glance on other Adobe products that we never would have bought as a retail version. I`m looking forward to that!

    But as it comes down to pure numbers – and after loving our business as much as I can – pure numbers are important to all of us that are not that well known over the globe and have to struggle to get the leads in our pocket to pay rents etc. So having a look at pricing is always an issue for small companies or freelancers. I know the different prices have always been like that around the globe reflecting each countrys market. But once you`ve seen a cheaper price for the same product you`ll always feel like “d`ohh” – well Homer Simpson would say so 😉

    thanks for discussing so open and your thoughts on that one! Much appreciated!

  7. Andrew Macpherson

    I’ve been playing with Ps6 beta. Summary Not Convinced.

    The only compelling reason for Ps6 is the Camera Raw support for new cameras and to a lesser extent it’s new processing for compatibility with Lr4. Nothing else is even faintly exciting. Nothing really new or brought in from adjacent product, not even the stacked image auto-declutter from elements.

    I presume the other thing I might have been interested in — counting and measuring — will remain in Extended. As I’m not even remotely interested in video or 3D, please can I just have the new Camera Raw for Ps5?

    As for the wonderful chance to use the other Adobe products, if I had a need I might well be interested, but I have no needs where they form part of the solution, particularly given the atrocious network infrastructure outside the urban centres in this country.

  8. David Rogers

    Me again.

    Andrew Macpherson – you bring up a great scenario where there isn’t always a reason to upgrade, if one is not impressed enough to do so. In fact, I work with photographers that often ask if they should upgrade and quite frankly in some cases the reasons to do so are reducing.
    There are photographers out there that do not require use of photoshop at all but own it because of the one little thing they “used” to need or because they think they should own it. Its very much a “keep up with the Jones” mentality.

    I advocate in a lot of cases Photoshop Elements along with a great organizing tool like Lightroom. Obviously Glyns body of work relies heavily on the use of Photoshop and is just as much a tool as his camera. The new features around content aware technology will be of tremendous use to him.

    Your comment got my attention when you asked for the new Camera Raw in PSCS5. Well if you are already using Lightroom 4 then you have that. The entry point of Lightroom has just been drastically reduced by half so for less than the upgrade price to a single seat of Photoshop you get what you want (ACR 7) plus a bunch more functionality.

    I’m not sure I fully understand your comment on the “atrocious network infrastructure” but I suspect you may be referring to internet service. If that’s the case it should be noted that one does not have to be connected to the internet to use the software. It is in fact installed on your local hard drive and the cloud service is pinged at least once per month to verify license information.

    Counting and measuring does indeed remain in the extended version.

  9. Andrew Macpherson

    David Rogers, thank you.

    I am aware of the ACR in Lr4 , but also aware that I have to export to Ps5 as a tiff, and of the backward incompatibility of Lr’s new raw processing, that is largely my issue

    The map module is my compelling reason to go to Lr4. (though I still want to be able to search for empty title / captions / etc). I do regret the way the integration to the adobe tools current when I bought Lr4 was broken. It is a klunkieness that will probably achieve it’s aim, but…

  10. DaveT

    Having just seen the price of an upgrade to CS6 (Photoshop)I will have to give it some serious consideration. As I don’t shoot professionally now, its a personal outlay.

    I can do an awful lot within Lightroom, perhaps eighty to ninety percent of my workflow is in that application. But there is no denying that if I need to use content aware fill etc then I find myself going across to CS5. Cloning is one aspect that LR doesn’t quite have enough capability for me.

    The leap in post processing ability from CS2 to CS5 (my previous upgrade) was worth it for me because it gave me tools like content aware fill, that made my post processing much easier. I was able to go back to older images and produce much better versions than previously.

    I also use Silver Effex Pro 2 and whilst I can use it as a plugin for just LR, I like the added capability it offers when used as a plugin to PS, where I can use additional tools like the brush to blend certain aspects within layers.

    I have found in the past that there comes a point when the software needs to be upgraded to get compatibility across the various applications.

    What I am not sure of at the moment, is whether the upgrade path for PS has changed or not (there was talk of it only being an option if you had the previous version and not, as in the past one three versions older).Normally I would wait for one or two versions to upgrade before making the change as it is more cost effective.

    As for using other applications within the suite, I can’t see me using them.

  11. craig

    $49 a month will prob be £40 here which is an unbelievable bargain if you use lots of adobe apps but not so much if u only use ps. even with 1st year discount you still have to pay year on year. for me i will upgrade for £180ish and use it for prob 3 years. thats £5 a month. done deal as long as upgrades dont start going up.

  12. Geoff P

    @David Rogers…

    1>”There is no reason to expect any company to offer products or services at an equal rate worldwide. It has much more to do with market share. The U.K. is still a very small market when compared with the U.S. no matter how passionate you may be.

    2>”For those that are not running a professional business, thats not Adobes fault or responsibility.

    Your crass comments defending Adobe’s blatant rip-off of the UK market are breathtakingly arrogant. I have upgraded Photoshop since (I think) v9, but I have become fed up with becoming Adobe’s cash cow.

    1. According to your logic, the smaller the market, the greater the price? If the price increases, surely the market will become even smaller, and thus the price rises… and what on earth has passion to do with this?

    2. How bloody dare you, in effect, state that if we feel aggrieved about the price differential, then we are not running a professional business. The price differential *IS* Adobe’s fault and responsibility.

    Adobe: you have just lost me as an upgrading customer. I’ll stick with my existing software, and that’s it. No more. The straw has just broken the camel’s back.


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