NEW Picture and Behind the Scenes: World War 2 Child Evacuee

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 4, 2017

Category: Photography

This past weekend I was in Wales for a couple of photo shoots; Saturday with friends Ian Munro and Anthony Crothers photographing in Ian’s studio running through class content for my upcoming presentational Photoshop World in Orlando, USA and Sunday continuing working on my World War 2 Project.

I’ll share some of the images from Saturday’s studio session where I was photographing Ian later this week but today (and tomorrow) I wanted to show you the results from Sunday plus a little Behind the Scenes.

This Sunday I was working on a Child Evacuee theme…

World War 2 Child Evacvuee

The Child Evacuee themed shoot was born out of conversation I had with my friend Anthony Crothers whilst I was presenting at the SWPP Event in London earlier this year. Over a lunch break I merely mentioned that I was looking to do it and that was all it took for Anthony to literally ‘take the bull by then horns’ and get the ball rolling. Next thing I know once he’d returned home to Wales he began sourcing a suitable child model, scouting for a suitable location and then just happened purely by accident to stumble across a Period Clothing supplier specialising in 1940’s (Civilian and Military) not far from his home; crazy how so much is on our own doorstep that we are unaware of huh 🙂

On the day of the photo shoot, we’d arranged to meet Luca (child model) and his parents at 10am so we arrived earlier to quickly decide on the areas I’d photograph in and to then set up the kit. Permissions to photograph at Cardiff Central Station had been arranged by Anthony through their Press Office.

World War 2 Child Evacuee

Now although I don’t usually photograph children I’m well aware that there is a ‘window of opportunity’ when beyond that they will likely start losing interest so before Luca arrived I had already set up and metered he lighting having Anthony act as a stand in. Then when Luca was ready all he needed to do was get in position and we could start taking photographs.

Here’s a Behind the Scenes picture showing our location and also how the one light (my 135cm Octa) was positioned. Actually if you’ve read any of my earlier articles where I go through my lighting style and how to position the light, this particular location was perfect; because of the stairs case being recessed from the wall it meant the light could only be to the front and side of Luca which is where I would have wanted it anyway.

World War 2 Child Evacuee

On the day Staff at Cardiff Central Station couldn’t have been more helpful. They literally pulled out all the stops to ensure we had a successful shoot by standing near to avoid travelling passengers getting too close, placing notices near to the kit to prevent folks walking into it, and even allowing us to use a blocked off staircase. I cannot thank them enough!

Below you can see a side by side comparison of the Before (Out of Camera) and the After (Retouched) images where amongst other things the signage on the steps needed to be removed.

World War 2 Child Evacuee

For those of you who like settings all that’s worth saying about that is that I was shooting with an aperture of f/4.0 to give a relatively shallow depth of field (although the steps were quite close behind Luca) so this is what the light was metered at.

As my World War 2 Project develops there is more and more that I want to add into it; what originally started out as a project mainly focusing on the Home Guard, I now want to include more such as Child Evacuees, Land Girls and so on. I’ll also be working on a Dunkirk themed shoot in early May.

I’ll post a look Behind the Scenes at one of the other results from the Child Evacuee shoot tomorrow, but in the mean time if you have any questions / comments please feel free to make use of the comments section below.

CLICK HERE to check out a LARGE version of this Child Evacuee picture over on my 500px portfolio page.

Catch you next time

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  1. Bill Hutchins

    Awesome work, as usual!

    • Glyn Dewis

      Thanks so much Bill; very kind of you

  2. Snuffy Sims

    Outstanding as usual Glyn! Love the retouch work.

    • Glyn Dewis

      Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. smordant

    Awesome as ever, was there a gasmask in that box? If so, watch out for some of those as they are supposed to contain asbestos.

  4. smordant

    See if you can find someone who still has an Anderson shelter in their back yard, might make a cool shot with a family sheltering from the bombers.


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