You NEVER know who is watching…

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 25, 2015

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Just wanted to end this week’s posts off with this…

A while back I received the following message through Facebook that completely stopped me in my tracks, and has since on more than one occasion made me cry my eyes sweat:

peter_oakleyI mentioned about this letter when I was instructing at Photoshop World 2015 in Las Vegas during my Power of Personal Projects/Steal Like an Artist presentation; I was hesitant at first whether I should but thankfully folks totally got why I did.

I guess in short, what I’m getting at with this is that you NEVER do know who is watching what you’re doing and that from the very first moment you take a picture and go through the process of uploading it to the web you simply CANNOT stop! No matter where you are with your photography…a seasoned pro of many years or you’ve just got your first camera, someone somewhere is thinking of starting out and is seeing your pictures and saying “I wish I could do that”

I so wish I had met and known Peter Oakley; just from seeing him in his videos I would love to sit and chat but sadly that will never be the case but I tell you what, it certainly gives a warm feeling inside just to know that he tuned into my YouTube channel and found pleasure in it.

Anyway from going through Peter’s videos I just wanted to share a couple with you; the first being the very first time he gave YouTube a try and uploaded his own video:

And then jumping forward to this, the last video he ever uploaded with such a poignant moment at 4:52

God Bless you Peter!

Check out more of Peter’s videos over on his YouTube that lives on in his memory by CLICKING HERE

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  1. Doug van Kampen

    What a great legacy to leave behind for his family to enjoy…I’ve been trying to get my father to do something like this for years! Maybe if he won’t write it, he’ll record it!


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