YouTube Follow Friday (#FF) … Part 2

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 21, 2010

Category: General

So, with the weekend nearly upon us and the promise of some decent weather I’m off to get the BBQ set up, but before I go here’s the 2nd instalment of my YouTube Follow Friday (#FF)

  • Calvin Hollywood: I first became aware of Calvin after he was invited to write a Guest Post over on Scott Kelby’s blog and have been a HUGE fan ever since. if you want to see what can be done with Photoshop then you really do need to check out Calvin’s YouTube page where he has a mass of videos that are added to on a regular basis. I guarantee that after watching some of his tutorials your next course of action will be to fire up Photoshop and start ‘playing’. Coming from Germany alot of Calvin’s videos are in his native language however he has made a few with English translation. That being said, all the instruction on his videos is clear to follow regardless of the language being spoken.

    : Calvin Hollywood’s videos will transport you forward in time; well that’s the only explanation I can give for the hours in the day you will lose 🙂

  • Rich Harrington: With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Aperture and Digital Photography Rich comes high on the ‘recommendation’ list of people to subscribe to. Rich has a way of teaching that gets the message across in a clear and effective way putting an end to those ‘head scratching’ moments once and for all.
  • David Honl: Professional Photographer and founder/creator of the Honl range of light modifiers, David Honl has an extensive range of videos giving you a behind the scenes look at some of his photo shoots. Regularly added to, David’s range of videos are a great resource to see how other photographers set up and light their shots.
  • Erik Bernskiold: What can I say about Erik that I haven’t already said before? If you’re interested in increasing your knowledge and expertise in the use of Photoshop, other Adobe Software and anything else computer related you definitely want to be checking out Erik’s YouTube Page.
  • Rock Sugar: Totally unrelated to Photography or Photoshop I caught this video of Rock Band Rock Sugar over on Scott Kelby’s blog. To quote “they are a band of middle-aged rockers who fuse (mash-up) classic rock songs from the 80s with pop songs from the 80s, but the way they do it absolutely kicks butt!” Can’t say it plainer than that. If you into ‘Rock’ and like what you see/hear I’d definitely recommending heading over to YouTube and catching some of their other tracks.

Right that’s all for now so all that’s left to say is have a great weekend and whatever you’re up to remember to keep an eye out for those ‘blinkies’.
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. David Kelly

    Hi Glyn, hope you’re keeping well.

    Funnily enough, just last night I was thinking about a post I’d seen on Scott’s site about a cracking technique I saw from a Guest blogger posting. All I could recall was the guy was German, and thought I’d have an arduous task of trying to find that posting within his blog. I read your blog this afternoon and lo & behold, you got that same guy in your posting today – weird eh?
    (btw can you now give the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow night? ;-))

    I too read the Rock Sugar posting on Scott’s blog and couldn’t believe the mash-up they’d done of the Metallica / Journey song. A pity their album isn’t available at the moment from their website – I’d definitely get it just for the laugh. That’s not belittling the quality of their work but I find the juxtaposition between thrash-metal and AOR amusing – I can’t listen to that Metallica track in quite the same as I used too.

    Best wishes,


    • Glyn

      @David Kelly…Hi David, glad the #FF post prevented you from scouring around Scott’s blog looking for Calvin’s videos. As for the lottery numbers…oh how I wish 🙂

      All the best to you,

  2. Erik Bernskiold

    Thank you a lot Glyn for including me in the list! 🙂

    • Glyn

      @Erik…You’re welcome mate 🙂


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